Our mission is to accelerate drug discovery and development by converging our ReBADD new artificial intelligence technology and anti-aging drug HTS technology. We will provide AI solution and aging therapeutics with constant innovation.


About us

Development of anti-aging treatment by removing senescent cells based on artificial intelligence

Due to the lack of molecular and biological mechanisms, anti-aging has been difficult to study. Recently, however, the mechanism by which senolysis can control senescent cells opens an entirely new era of anti-aging therapeutics.

We established the company to utilize research and technology related to the efficient control of senescent cells for the development of anti-aging treatments. Under the strategy that artificial intelligence (AI) technology is essential to create a new concept of drugs that has not existed, experts in the field of Biotechnology (BT) and AI founded the company. Major goal of company is to present a new paradigm for anti-aging drug development.

Currently, we (1) establish cell and animal models that can verify anti-aging target discovery technology, (2) use discovery platforms using artificial intelligence and semi high-throughput drug screening, and (3) develop anti-aging gene therapy. Through these technologies, the aim of company is to become a technology leader in the anti-aging industry by preventing or treating aging-related diseases, prolonging lifespan, and improving the quality of life for the elderly.

Main Strategy

• New drugs discovery with maximum binding power and chemical properties for target proteins
• Securing active substances based on high-efficiency drug candidate screening technology
• Verification of leading substance effects in cell and animal models


Byung Ju Kim


Professional Experience: Director, Macrogen, Inc./Senior researcher, DGIST./Research staff member, SAIT, Inc./Associate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Education: PhD in Biochemistry, The University of Ottawa Medical School

Sung Jin Ryu


Professional Experience: Part leader, Samsung bioepis, Inc./Research staff member SAIT, Inc./Visiting fellow, NCI.

Education: PhD in Biochemistry, Seoul National University College of Medicine


Chi Hyun Park


Current: Assistant Professor, Kangwon National University

Education: PhD in Computer Science, Yonsei University

Advisory Board


Young-Sam Lee


Current: Associate Professor, DGIST

Education: PhD in Cell & Mol. Biology,

The University of Texas at Austin


Sang Hyun Park


Current: Professor, Yonsei University

Education: PhD in Computer Science,


Juyeon Kim_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Juyeon Kim

Business Development

Current: CEO, Binnobase

Education: EMBA in Life Science Management Program, HTW Berlin/Postdoc in Neuroinflammation, McGill University/PhD in Physiology, The University of Manchester



• 2022. 05. 23 Patent Registration (registration no. 10-2402582)
 - Electronic Device That Generates Chemical Structural Formulas for New Drug Development Based on a Machine Learning-based Chemical Generation Model and the Operating Method Thereof
• 2021. 11. 08 SCI Journal published at BMC Bioinformatics  (Impact factor: 3.169)
• 2021. 09. 02 SCI Journal published at EMM  (Impact factor: 8.718)
• 2021. 04. 01 Patent Registration (registration no. 10-2237189)
 - Machine Learning based Protein-Ligand Binding Predictive Generation Apparatus for Drug Effect Estimation and Operation Method 
• 2021. 03. 24 Certification of Venture Company by KIBO
• 2021. 02. 16 Certification of R&D Center
• 2020. 12. 01 Received Grants of TIPS Program
• 2020. 07. 07 Established UBL Bio Corporation


E.mail: | Tel: 070-4647-3585 | Fax: 050-4207-8294 

경기도 수원시 영통구 영통로 237, 211호 (신동, 에이스 하이엔드타워)

(237 Yeongtong-ro, Room 211, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, 16679 South Korea)

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